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2. Investment Strategies

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Investment Strategy Overview

We offer 3 different investment strategies

eStreetCap ETF Portfolio

We have built a model portfolio with select ETFs, investment funds, and holding companies. This is a long-term investment strategy that aims to provide a balance of growth and value exposure. We may rebalance this portfolio periodically.
Fees: We charge 0.25% of assets under management as fees for our base ETF portfolio and 0.5% for ETF portfolio rebalanced periodically
Minimum Investment: $5,000

eStreetCap Option Strategies

We offer various option strategies to cater to different investment needs. Our current offering is Model eSC Options Strategy that aims to provide long-term returns benchamrked to SPY with higher protection for single-event downside risk. As part of this strategy, we typicaly invest 10%-20% of assets in Options and keep the balance in Cash.
Fees: We charge 1.0% of assets under management as a our fees for our Model eSC Options portfolio. For certain strategies, the fees could be higher.
Minimum Investment: $20,000

eStreetCap Fundamental Strategies

We select individual stocks for various investment objectives - e.g. growth or income objectives. These are long-term investment strategies focused toward buy and hold investors.
Fees: We typically charge 1.00% (it could range from 0.5% to 1.5% )of assets under management as our fees
Minimum Investment: $10,000

Standard Deviation Is Not Risk

For decades, we have been told that standard deviation is the primary investment risk...
We Simply Disagree And Believe Key Investment Risks To Be:

Loss Probability

Likelihood of losing money in an investment

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Big crashes drain years of gains

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No Action

No action is a missed opportunity

Rethinking risk parameters can help you better decide on investment options that are in line with your personal situation. E.g. the drawdown risk (big crashes) for a 65 year old is higher than for a 30 year old

Strategy Selection

Our suggested investment strategies are driven by historical precedence, eStreetCap's in-house analysis, or 3rd party strategies

3rd Party Strategies

These are strategies deployed by other money managers (additional fees apply)