Available Investing Strategies

Using years of analysis and research, we have built options based investment strategies for most risk profiles

eSC Core 1 Base Model

Below is the YTD 2021 (Feb 24) backtest for our base strategy

Backtest Results For Base Strategy

This strategy aims to generate "near-market" returns while keeping most of the assets in cash

We call this a "peace of mind" of strategy

Investment Assets

Options + Cash or Short-Term Bonds : Target 90%+ Cash or Short-Term Bonds At Any Time

The base strategy can be modified to fit different risk profiles


Base Strategy = 1.0% of Net Asset Value ("NAV")

Minimum Account Size = $10,000; Recommended Account Size = $40,000

Additional 0.5% Fees Apply For Modifying The Base Strategy

Notes on Backtest Results and Other Estimates Provided Above

1. The above estimates and backtest results are based on SPY historical prices available on public platforms and our assumptions on options pricing

2. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data used in the calculations above

3. While we believe the above backtests are correct but we cannot guarantee the calculations and the insights are error free

4. You should not make any investment decision based on the backtest results and future estimates provided above

5. Options based strategies are meant to be for sophisticated investors. Please consider your suitability for these strategies

6. Investments in securities is risky and involves the risk of loss of capital

7. Past results are not indicative of future performance

8. We may change strategies and investments based on our analysis. Such changes will apply to all accounts implementing those strategies

9. Being a robo-advisor, we do not create personalized and individualized strategies for a specific investor. We rely on analytics to provide investment strategies that will be relevant to several investors